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Sectoral Strategies and Policies
To achieve national priorities set in the NSDP; various strategies, policies, and other important reform programs at the levels of the sectors and cross cutting issues have been established by the relevant ministries/agencies of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Strategies, policies and reform programs have set out short, medium, and long-term directions, have been used for resource mobilization and allocation, and would also help to synergize all development priorities within and across sectors and cross cutting issues to ensure effectiveness of development of Cambodia for the benefits of the poor and vulnerable people. This shows the significant progress of better links with the planning, budgeting and Official Development Assistance (ODA). 

The list of sectoral strategy documents below can be downloaded for your detailed information and analysis, which serves the objectives of this website as a hub of information of development policies and financing instruments for all stakeholders.

Strategies, Policies, Laws, and Reform Programs Download
Education Strategic Plan 2014-2018 Khmer English
Health Strategic Plan 2008-2015 Khmer English
Agricultural Sector Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 Khmer  English 
Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy 2014-2018 Khmer English
Financial Sector Development Strategy 2011-2020 Khmer English
Land Law  (2001)
Khmer English
National Strategy For Rural Water Supply Sanitation and Hygien 2011-2025 Khmer English
National Strategic Plan on Water Supply and Rural Sanitation Promotion 2014-2025 Khmer English
National Social Protection Strategy for the Poor and Vulnerable 2011-2015 Khmer English
Strategic Plan on Technical & Vocational Education Training Development 2014-2018 Khmer English
The Strategic Planning Framework For Fisheries 2010-2019 Khmer English
Trade Sector Wide Approach (2012)
Khmer English
Law on Anti-Corruption Khmer English
Development Cooperation and Partnership Strategy 2014-2018 Khmer English
Cambodian Industrial Development Policy  Khmer English
Medium-Term Revenue Mobilization Strategy 2014-2018  Khmer English
National Program for Sub-National Democratic Development 2010-2019 Khmer English
National Program on Public Administration Reform 2015-2018 Khmer English
National Forest Program 2010-2019 Khmer English
National Mine Action Strategy 2010-2019 Khmer English
National Strategy For Food Security and Nutrition 2014-2018 Khmer English
Neary Rattanak IV 2014-2018 Khmer English
Public Financial Management Reform Program Stage 1 (2004)
Khmer English
Public Financial Management Reform Program Stage 2 (2008)
Khmer English

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