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Macroeconomic Aggregates (March to May)
During the first week of March, the MEF prepares a medium term macro-economic policy framework and public financial policy consistent with that of the national development policy (i.e. National Strategic Development Plan Update 2009-2013). This is then submitted to the Royal Government for review and approval. Thereafter, in the first week of April, the minister issues an instructing circular on the preparation of Budget Strategic Plan (BSP) to all line ministries and agencies of the Royal Government at national and sub-national levels. This is based on the medium term macro-economic framework and public financial policy determined by the Royal Government. The circular updates Cambodia’s status on: macroeconomic, public financial policies, aggregate budget revenue and expenditure plan, challenges for budget implementation in the next year; in addition to technical advice for the budget preparations for the following year.

All Ministers, heads of all institutions, heads of similar public entities, and governors of sub-national administration prepare their BSP based on the instructions contained within the circular on the preparation of BSP, vision, purpose, target of programme and priority action plans. The intent of each BSP is to serve sector policy priorities and national development policy. These plans are to be sent by each line ministry and agency of the Royal Government to the MEF no later than 15th of May, in each annual cycle. 

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Between April and June of each year, these circulars, together with other legal and regulatory documents (Royal Decree, laws, sub-decrees, circular, government or ministerial decisions, Prakas etc) are made available on the Government Official Gazettes. The Government Official Gazettes can be bought at the General Department of Gazette and Computer Service of the Council of Ministers (located at Kampuchea Krom Boulevard and in front of Sydney Supermarket). It can also be found in the Volume I of the State Budget Management Documents (there are four Volumes) published by the MEF between January and February during each fiscal year. Copies of these four budget document volumes are available upon request at the Budget Department of the MEF. After the submission of the BSP, the MEF issues another instructing circular on the preparation of the Annual Draft Budget Law to all line ministries and agencies of the Royal Government.
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